Now Is The Time To Say Nothing

Now Is The Time To Say Nothing’ is a 45 min narrative sound and video installation commissioned by the Young Vic, and co-conceptualised by Caroline Williams, May Abdalla, Reem Karssli, Keir Vine and Young Vic Taking Part.


Using TV screens, headphones and armchairs the piece deals with themes of passivity, human connection and proximity in relation to the Syrian conflict.

Multiple narratives interweave to explore the experience of hearing about Syria from afar and how perception changes once direct communication with Syria is made. How will you react when the chance to engage directly is offered?


The sound of this piece reflects the disjointed / multifaceted events in Syria and at times propels the audience into total immersion of what the worst from this situation might feel like whist also showing how small beautiful things still happen there every day.

The piece was shown in at the Young Vic both in 2014 & 2015 and ran as part of the Forest Fringe programme in Edinburgh 2015.


“A simple but cunningly constructed and heartfelt piece that acknowledges the complexities of what is happening in Syria”

Lynn Gardner

The Guardian


Direction: Caroline Williams

Sound Design: Keir Vine

Video/ Devising: May Abdalla

Film: Reem Karssli